This information is helpful to you. It is not designed to upset or frighten but for you to take notice. We are only human and its human to err. However unless you know what's expected how can you get it right?


You may need to ask a Christian Priest for  help but be aware that many break the Law and are not wholesome. Be careful and listen with care and that the advice accords with what you know from here.


There are many Christians who will tell you that Christ died to forgive sins and by accepting Christ all is OK and you get the golden ticket to heaven. Jesus will forgive your sins If you are penitent,BUT(and take heed)-

You EARN a place in heaven by your own behaviour which is measured by the LAWS OF GOD. You will be JUDGED and awarded in accordance with how you have lived your life under God's Laws. THIS WAS THE MESSAGE CHRIST BROUGHT TO EARTH.HE CAME FOR SINNERS NOT FOR THE GOOD.



Here are some questions and answers for your understanding.



Q: I was sexually abused by my uncle when a girl.  This has ruined my life and he has got away with it.

A: You will find that embracing God through his Laws will strengthen you and allow you to move away from your horrific memories. As for your Uncle:Any man or woman that abuses a child-sexually,physically,emotionally or mentally will pay a terrible price and be severely punished by God. It was Christ who said it is better for a person to hang a  millstone round his neck and jump in the deep sea rather than hurt a child.


Q:I am disabled with cerebal palsy. Why has God done this to me?

A: It is not God who causes disease,pain and evil. It is satan and his followers.

Following God's Laws and Will can change your life and outlook.  There are many kinds of healing and the peace of Christ that passes understanding would be such a benefit to you. Many healing miracles occur with the Lord.


Q:Why does God let so much evil happen in the world?

A:God is not the author of evil. Man has free choice and many men are led by satan and his demons to do evil. We are constantly in a huge battle with dark forces. satan does not want man to obey God.His trickery and lies work against God,peace,light and goodness.


Q: I agree with this website and intend to follow God's Laws. I do not go to church. Should I go?


Prayer and worship of God either in private or with others is essential.You may not know how to pray. Its easy. Just  talk to God and Christ like your mum and dad.Ask for help.

 If you visit a temple dedicated to God make sure this is the case and check out what is being said and taught against this website. You need to follow your own feelings about this.

You do not have to go to Church to obey God's Laws.

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